Now that's what you call going above and beyond...

Just seen this post being shared on Facebook locally to Stagecoach:

"At 9 am this morning an extremely confused elderly lady got on the 'R' bus on Topsham Road in Exeter. She wanted to get to Sainsburys in Alphington (which no bus does from this stop) she also wanted to use her bus pass, this poor lady didn't even know what day it was!! Long story short the bus driver on your bus this morning couldn't have gone more out of his way to help this lady unless he drove her there himself. He sorted her out a ticket, made sure she sat down safe be...fore he moved, used the radio to see what time the next 'B' bus was, asked that driver to "look after her", not only did he tell her what stop her next bus would be at.. He walked her over there himself.
This act of goodwill genuinely melted my heart I couldn't let it go unnoticed!! I wish there were more people like him in this world."

This is obviously not only a superb example of customer service, but someone taking things into their own hands, not being a 'jobs-worth' and making someone's life a whole lot easier. I hope Stagecoach reward him for this!