Top 10 Customer Services whinges

Do you know what the Top 10 Customer Services whinges are? (According to surveys)

Automated Telephone Systems

We've all been annoyed by this: 'press 1 for this press 3 for that', you're annoyed before you even get to speak to someone. Don't rely on a machine—talk to your clients.

Being passed from pillar to post

Listen to the query properly before getting 'rid' of the call – you are not playing hot potato! Ensure the call is directed properly and if a call is passed to you by mistake, take the details and get the right person to call them back – in a timely manner

Annoying 'on hold' music

Keep the wait time as short as possible. Keep the customer engaged. Give them information - a competition, special offer or additional service.

Staff talking to one another whilst serving you

A definite no-no, give your customer your full attention!

Rude staff

Again – just no! Should be enough said!

Long queues either in person or on telephone

It's great that you are busy but it's infuriating if you are stood at the end of a long queue or in a queue on the phone. Get some help, either in person, or if on the telephones get someone to just take names and numbers so that you can return the calls when things quieten down. Make sure you are apologetic and make sure that they are called back!

Trying to sell unwanted products

If someone has rung with a complaint or problem, the last thing they want is a sales pitch. Pick your moments!

Lack of product knowledge

Know your products and services inside out so that if any query arises you can answer immediately, without any hesitation and without embellishing (it will come back to bite you if you guess or exaggerate!)

Scripted responses to problems

Answer like a human not a robot! Not every query is the same so using a script will not work.

Long delays in responding to help or a query

Answer as soon as possible. If there is a delay for whatever reason keep your customer updated so they don't think they have been forgotten.

Addressing even a couple of these issues will enhance your customers' opinion, thereby increasing the chance of customer retention, and referrals.

It is true what they say - customer service is the new marketing. Get it right and you will retain more customers, who will in turn refer more, who in turn will increase your profitability

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