Why you should work with Investor in Customers

Working with Investor in Customers (IIC) will give you an independent and external view of your customer experience."Just really impressed with the supportive and advisory service provided and the thoroughness of the feedback provided."

We don't just assess you and leave you, we are on-hand for guidance, advice and further consultancy work if you require it.

"Working with IIC has helped us to address a lot of issues, both internally and externally."

We like to call it 'shining the torch'. We highlight areas in which you excel, but also areas which could be improved and offer suggestions to help.

"IIC is a very useful exercise which requires little effort for all involved. We really appreciated the short timescale from start to finish."

The process takes 6-8 weeks and is managed by us throughout. We ask for a project manager from your end, and, once the initial process is set up, it does not impact on business as usual.

And what about after the assessment? What do our customers think of the information they have gained from it?

"Impressed with the detail—real actionable insight."

"Gave a strong blueprint of areas to improve and validation on things that work."

"Interesting insights—positive and negative!"

"The feedback was very detailed and thorough. It allowed open discussion amongst our management team, led by the IIC team."

"Very useful. Gave me the insight to focus on particular areas, which I would not have predicted were our issue areas."

"Comprehensive overview of the data provided with thought provoking observations."

"Really good. The presentations are really detailed and very helpful, giving me foundations on ongoing ideas and plans to improve."

Can you afford not to? Make 2016 the year of change in your organisation. Contact us to find out more: enquiry@investorincustomers.com