Moving house – a time when your providers show their true customer experience

Most of us have been through the laborious task of letting companies know that we've moved house – something that should be simple, but can cause no end of headaches.

I'm going through said task myself, experiencing both positives and negatives in the service from some big name companies.

Our phone provider has not transferred our existing telephone number – which we have had for over 20 years – despite moving within the same exchange. We were told that if we couldn't keep the number, we would be informed.

Despite this, it took several calls on my mobile from family and friends saying they couldn't get through on the landline to enlighten us. Not only that, but on calling the customer service department to attempt to get our number back, we were told we would have to wait two weeks before we could ask – frustrating to say the least!

There has been a positive experience though, which surprisingly came from one of our utility providers, despite the notoriously bad press these companies tend to receive.

One of the advisors from South West Water called me (on the mobile, of course) to say that we were in credit. If I could provide some details, she would credit me there and then.

Not only this, but I enquired about the payments on our new house and, even though this fell outside her remit, she not only located our new account, but told me where to find the meter, sorted the meter reading, and arranged our new monthly payment plan.

There was no lengthy hold time with awful music, no being passed from pillar to post, and no passing the buck – my query was dealt with efficiently.

Meet customer needs? Tick
Delight customer? Tick
Understand customer needs? Tick

If they were going through an Investor in Customers assessment they would have received top marks from me. My only let down? It wasn't followed up by a 'how was it for you'.

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