Is your CEO taking note of the Customer Experience?

There have been a lot of articles published recently about customer retention. Maybe the penny is finally dropping for a number of companies who previously have concentrated on gaining as many new customers as possible.

Whilst there is nothing specifically wrong in this, it does leave you vulnerable when taking your eye off the ball with what is happening to existing customers.

I did read an article at the start of the year saying that 2015 was the year that CEO's were going to take note of the company's customer experience. Let's hope that's correct.

There are many companies out there who truly have no idea of what their customers (or staff) think or them. Or, even more worryingly, they go through the process of finding out what they think and then do nothing about it!

Companies who work with Investor in Customers (IIC) are finding a strong correlation with improving the customer experience within their company, which leads to better client retention, which leads to more referrals and in turn more profit – it's a no-brainer really!

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