What is the value of client satisfaction to your firm?

Generally in any business, especially when it's busy, it's unsurprisingly the things that bring in revenue that get put to the top of the agenda. However, if you truly understand the full benefits that client retention offers, you know that this is a subject that shouldn't be put in the 'nice to have' file, it should be vital to the ongoing growth and profitability to your company.

Analysing customer service within your company is often seen as something that 'would be interesting but we don't have time for', with 'more pressing projects at the moment' among the other objections.

Take a minute to analyse the following:

• How many clients/customers you have lost over the last year (and why)
• How many clients/customers have spent less this year than last (and why)

Work out how much this has cost to the company. If each of those lost clients had stayed - and were kept informed of all of the different projects and services that you offer – how much revenue would you have retained?

Not only that, but if each of those clients were so happy with your service they recommended you to other businesses…, See where I'm going? Keeping your customers happy has to be one of the leading projects within your company.

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