‘Insurance ranked worst industry for customer experience, survey finds’

There was an article published last week stating: 'Insurance ranked worst industry for customer experience, survey finds' – pretty damning report really. I needed to renew my own car insurance. I received the renewal notice from my existing insurer and then went on to one of the price checking websites just to check I wasn't being given a raw deal – and I wasn't!

In what appears to be rather rare in the industry, my insurers keep quotes for existing customers purposely lower than those they offer new customers.

I was impressed – not only that I didn't have any costly 08 numbers to call; I didn't have to go through the rigmarole of pressing 1 for this, 2 for that; I didn't have to wait for an age listening to shocking electronic music before I spoke to an actual human! AND the human I spoke to was polite and eloquent.

My paperwork was also emailed through seconds after the end of the call.

I wonder why more insurers don't look after their existing customers as well.

A few months ago we needed to get quotes for our daughter's insurance. After searching, although the new quote I got was basically the same company as the one she was with, I had to start again and take out a new policy – long winded and annoying, plus expensive phone calls and being routed around the houses before I even got to speak to anyone.

Easy to do business with? – Yes for the first one, a definite no for the second.

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