Gaining feedback? Don’t forget your staff!

Gaining feedback from your customers should be an integral part of your customer experience strategy.

It will not only help keep tabs on the experience as a whole, but give you snapshots on the company's touch-points.

But don't just rely on your customers – ask your staff too so that you get the full picture of the customer experience within your company.

Amazingly, almost 70% of companies which assess their customer experience do not measure employee experience. Obviously staff that are actually customer-facing are more hands-on, but all staff – sales, marketing, IT, admin, operations - all work together to serve the customer, so their viewpoint is invaluable.

Make it easy for your staff to draw attention to any issues or problems that they face in their day-to-day activities; this in turn impacts on whether they can deliver a remarkable experience to your customers.

Share the changes you are making or the problems that you have solved with your staff. Open communication is a big part of developing a customer centric culture.

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