Making Net Promoter® work for your business

Isn't it amazing that even though some of the large corporate companies are using the Net Promoter® methodology there are not putting the full force of it in action and doing THE most important thing by closing the loop! A couple of examples from some of the staff at IIC:

•One of our Directors had an unfortunate interaction with a large mobile phone company. In line with the NPS® practice, he received a text requesting feedback on the experience. He scored them 0 out of 10 and waited for the follow up, sure enough, another text followed asking for the reason why he had scored the way he had - but this was then never followed up.

•I have had recent interactions with my healthcare provider. Again I had a text asking me to rate my experience. Just to see what happened I scored them a 2. I never had any follow up at all asking why I had answered as I had! A single numerical score tells you nothing!

The closed loop feedback contact is one of the most important factors. The question 'why did you answer the last question as you did' is vital. Nothing will be gained or learnt by measuring customer experience and loyalty if nothing is done to understand what causes customer dissatisfaction. Plus, nothing can then be done to then change the perception of the dissatisfied customer and turn them from a detractor into a promoter.

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