How to deliver a remarkable customer experience (continued)

Continuing from yesterday's blog:

2015 is being tipped as the 'Year of the Customer' and delivering on exceptional experience is becoming a key differentiator between companies in all sectors as they are forced to keep price matching.

Investor in Customers (IIC) have been carrying out independent customer experience assessments on behalf of clients since 2006 and we are in the fortunate position of having a good number of companies in our All Results database who deliver a remarkable customer experience.

We approached our top scoring clients, and asked them what they thought were the critical success factors behind their success and over the coming days we will share some of the comments:

'Reward great performance: This may be fairly obvious, but we have found that rewarding outstanding service is the most effective means of improving. Negative customer feedback should, of course, be incorporated into training and development programmes (the more 'real time' the better), but it's important that customer satisfaction measures don't get used as a stick to beat people with. Companies and managers must be careful not to take negative feedback too personally, and instead look at every customer comment as an opportunity to improve. Customer feedback, if obtained in the right spirit, is both more accurate and better value than any views of any customer-experience consultant you might engage.'