The main principles for customer service

If you take a step back and look at your company 'from the outside in' what do you see?

Ask yourself this:

- Is customer service really prevalent in my business?
- Is it proving to be effective?
- Every time?

Once you have answered these then you can put into place a few changes which can help strengthen the customer service within the company.
• It's not just front-facing staff that need to be customer centric. Everyone, no matter what their job role indirectly 'helps' the customer so ensure that this is company-wide

• Every customer is different, so robotic speeches are out! Make sure your customers are listened to, and that the response is tailored to each individual enquiry.

• Get it right first time, and if you don't make damn sure you apologise and get it right the second time! Service recovery is just as important.

• Ask for feedback, listen and act - especially when the feedback is painful and not what you want to hear

• Wow! your customer. Tell them they will receive the product/service by (for example) Monday but try to deliver early on the Friday. But don't rush it so that you make mistakes - make sure its perfect first!

• Sir Clive Woodward said: "Winning the Rugby world cup was not about doing one thing 100% better, but about doing 100 things 1% better." Implement that ethos thrughout your business.

Continuously measuring your customers, staff and management will help you uncover problems, highlight excellence and give you a platform to improve on year on year, which will have a direct impact on profit.

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