Why Investor in Customers?

We have recently asked our clients: "Why did you carry out an assessment with IIC in the first place?" We received a range of responses to this question but it really boils down to establishing an independent, structured view about the customer experience with a view to understanding what changes and improvements need to be made - customer led change.

Comments included:
• "To establish exactly what customer experience is"
• "To provide a baseline against which to measure future improvement."
• "To see what our staff and customers really thought about what we do, which was being reviewed by an independent company and not just the Senior Management group."
• "To gain feedback from our customers to help us learn what we could do better to put customers at the heart of our business."
• "To establish clients at the centre of our strategy and to overtly learn from our client feedback in a codified way."
• "To understand our service delivery better and if it matched what we thought we were delivering!"
• "We wanted to know where we were with regards to our services and products and how we can improve our position."
• "Because it's not 'just another survey' - IIC is helping us focus on what our customers need."
• "Because we wanted to set a base measure to gauge the customer centricity of our business."

What would your reasons be?
Is it something you have thought about but never put into action?
Are you doing internal research but need to look at things "from the outside in"?
Maybe it's time you did - contact me for further information