Remarkable Service? - I don’t think so!

I won't name and shame but a certain delivery company needs to up its game!

I have been waiting for an online order to be delivered.

I had an text on the Friday to say that my order was out for delivery - no delivery received.

I had the same text on the Saturday - again no delivery.

On Sunday I was checking my emails and found an email from the courier to say that my parcel had been successfuly delivered, through my letterbox on Saturday afternoon at 1532. I have 3 issues with that:

1) No delivery!
2) I was in the house at that time
3) The parcel would never have fit through the letterbox anyway!

So, after frantically searching the website for some kind of 'contact me' I stumbled accross an online web chat, whereby I had to sit in a queue for 20 mins refreshing the page until I got a 'cyber person' to help me. Now I use the term 'help' loosely....

After he found my order number etc. he told me that they couldn't help! I needed to speak to the original retailer as it was their item out for delivery. I argued yes but they were the delivery company contracted by the retailer to deliver the item so surely they should be able to find out what happened to my order from their courier? Nope, nothing, couldn't help!

I then had to phone the retailer, sit in a phone queue for another 20 minutes and repeat myself while they submit a query to the original courier - ridiculous! Full circle and none the wiser!

Definately not remarkable service!

I finally received the parcel on the Monday morning, followed by a text which said my item was out for delivery today! It will be interesting to see if they do a follow-up NPS survey on their delivery - methinks mine may not be complimentary!