‘Financial Services is the least trusted major industry’

Pensions Playpen released a recent blog stating that; "The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer found that financial services is the least trusted major industry, with a score of 48% globally (technology is the highest at 79%). Trust in UK financial services is even lower than the global average, coming in at 37%."

Edelman found that 64% of the 'informed public' favours an increase in the regulation of UK financial services.

How about the industry siezing the initiative and pro-actively doing a better job for our customers?

No number of Service Level Agreements will help build trust in the absence of an improvement in conduct towards customers. Those who think the status quo is acceptable - Who are They Fooling?

Investor in Customers (IIC) have been helping a wide range of companies in UK financial services and can demonstrate a direct link between an improved customer experience and an increase in profits.

We have many advocates in financial services companies of all shapes and sizes, advocates who would be happy to tell you about how customer led change has helped transform their business.

In our experience, small changes can make a big difference to the customer experience; our process shows you where to shine the torch.

Easy to do business with - would you pass the test? Do your products really match customer needs? is your culture truly customer centric? Do you have more promoters in your customer base than detractors? How engaged are your staff? Do they go the extra mile?