Is this good customer service?

I have just bought a multi-car insurance policy for my daughters. I should then be able to view and print both of the insurance documents from the online portal – or so you would think!

One car was there but not the other. It has taken 4 phone calls to get this addressed all on 0871 numbers!

Good customer service? No I don't think so either. Will I stay with them next year – doubtful!

Bad communication; expensive telephone calls (this was 8p per minute so they've already had a few extra ££ from me!); repeating the same issue to numerous people are all simple things that, if fixed, would create a fantastic customer service, make life a lot easier for the customers and, in turn, generate not only repeat business but referrals too.

This is not a one off occurrence either, throughout the numerous assessments we have run for our clients in the insurance field (and indeed other sectors) these issues are (sadly) commonplace.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve and measure your customer experience, let me know and we will arrange a meeting to discuss further.