Top Tips for… Successfully increasing customer value

You've spent the time, effort and money building up your customer base and you are working hard to retain their business for the future. If possible, you also want to increase each customer's value.

How can you do this effectively, without bombarding people with emails or sales calls? There are a few simple tips which we have picked up when looking through our thousands of survey responses.

Here are our Top Tips for successfully increasing customer value:

  • Let your customers know about other products. A lot of companies think that their customers are not interested in knowing about their new/other products, but results in our database say otherwise. Customers are happy, and actually want, to hear about your new products/services - some even commented that they wish they were kept in the loop more when it came to additional services
  • Keep it relevant. You know what your customers have bought from you, and what their needs are, so you shouldn't be trying to sell to the wrong group of people. If you think another product/service would help a customer, then let them know and list the benefits. If you can fit their need and offer a new solution, they will want to know about it
  • Make sure it's easy to try a new product/service. You could offer a limited trial, or an offer for the first month or two. If a customer can access their account online, clearly display a relevant product and make it simple for them to enquire
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