Top Tips for… Making it easy for customers to leave feedback

Do you make it easy for your customers to leave feedback? Are they able to do this on a transactional basis, ad hoc, or even once a year, and do you actively ask them for their comments?

Without an easy way to leave feedback, your customers are unlikely to do so unless they are very disappointed with your service, or are completely blown away with how great you are. It's important to capture those in the middle ground, too, who most likely have helpful suggestions on how you could improve the customer experience.

Here are our Top Tips for making it easy for your customers to leave feedback:

  • Start asking for it! You could include feedback forms with any correspondence such as statements. Make sure you include a freepost envelope so there is no cost to the customer. Keep the form short and think about what you really want to know
  • Use your social media pages. This is a quick and easy way for customers to leave feedback. You could include "Tell us how we did" or "We'd love your feedback" and the Facebook/Twitter logo on your post sales collateral, email signatures and more
  • Conduct an annual 'audit' of your customer experience to track progress. Collecting feedback should never be a one-off; you need to know how you are progressing and improving. Conducting an annual assessment of all of your customer base allows you to compare scores year on year, meaning you should be able to see where you have improved, or if anything has gone wrong
  • Think about where you could use short, transactional surveys. These could be automated over the phone, email, or via text message. A transactional survey should ask just a couple of questions on a scale of 1-10 and then ask why that score was given. This is a great way to capture feedback at certain stages of your buying process, and it also allows you to act quickly on any negative feedback
And after you have spent time collecting comments - make sure you use the results! There will be a Top Tips on effectively using your customer feedback coming soon.

Investor in Customers is the UK's leading Customer Experience consultancy; helping businesses conduct annual assessments of the customer experience and also supporting the in-house set up of transactional surveys. If you would like to find out more, or just want some advice, please get in touch at beremarkable@investorincustomers.com or you give us a call on 01395 513330.