Top Tips for… Creating a customer centric website

The majority of your prospects will take a look at your website before deciding if they want to use your services, so it's important that you optimise this first experience. You need to make sure the benefits you offer are clearly shown.

Part of the IIC assessment includes Desk Research, where we score a company's website based on how customer centric it is. We find that many make the same basic mistakes.

Here are our Top Tips for creating a customer centric website:

  • Be customer - not product - centric. Take a look at your website. Are you "me, me, me", or do you talk about how your products/services are designed to help your customers? We often see websites where products are praised by listing every element of how it works, but there is no mention of how it helps the customer. It's important to show that your products/services are designed to fit a need and provide a solution. List the benefits you offer and make sure they are included
  • Avoid jargon. This is a common mistake. Using jargon makes it difficult for your customers to understand your products/services and you won't appear very customer friendly. Make sure that appropriate language is used for your target market
  • Be accessible. Having a website that is easy to navigate is more important than one that looks flashy. Make sure that the contact, testimonial, FAQ, and product benefit pages are visible and easy to reach. Customers shouldn't have to route around to find the information they are after
  • Show that you build relationships. Whether through case studies, testimonial quotes, or clearly displayed loyalty deals, show that you are keen to build a real relationship with your customers. Having independent evidence of your product/service quality can only be a good thing
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