Top Tips for… Keeping your customers for life

Everyone knows that signing up a new customer costs considerably more than retaining one. Once you have a customer, it's essential to keep them for as long as possible, making sure that you maximise the relationship.

You can create highly loyal customers without offering the cheapest products in your market. Loyalty doesn't come down to price - it's all about value for money and the quality of the customer experience.

Here are our Top Tips for keeping your customers for life:

  • Communicate regularly, and make it relevant. Never forget about your customers and always keep in regular contact. Avoid sending generic emails out to everyone. Instead, make sure they are relevant to the products or services that they will be interested in
  • Delight them. Deliver the customers' product or service smoothly and on time. They have chosen to buy from your company above other competitors, so show them that it was the right choice. Set their expectations at a level you know you can reach (even at the busiest times), allowing you to exceed them
  • Make sure there is a friendly face. Assign your customers with an Account Manager, giving them someone to call whenever they have any questions. Ideally, you want to provide them with a direct number, an email address and a picture to help put a face to the name. By giving the customer a friendly face, your company is instantly more approachable. The customer knows that with you they won't have to go on an unwanted journey with an automated phone line whenever they have a query
  • Reward loyatly. Thank customers for their business and give them rewards when they reach 'milestones'. The milestone is up to you - it could be two years of being a customer, or a fifth order. As a reward you could offer a discount on their next purchase, or a free trial of a new service you think they would be interested in. Providing it is relevant to their needs, it's sure to make them go "wow, this is why I come back to you"
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