Top Tips for… Integrating social media as part of your customer experience

Whether you want it to or not, social media is rapidly becoming one of the main ways that customers choose to communicate with your company.

Originally, you may have set up your Facebook or Twitter pages to promote your new products and services, but now customers are using it as a platform to feedback on their experience and ask you questions - meaning they expect answers.

Here are our Top Tips for integrating social media into your customer experience:

  • Always respond. If a customer posts a message, make sure you acknowledge them. If the post is positive and recommends you, say thank you. If the post is negative, apologise and tell them you will be in touch via a private message to resolve the issue. You should never ignore a message and, when needed, saying "sorry" goes a long way
  • Respond as an individual, not as the company. You should assign people to monitor your social media and let your customers know who they are. If you can add photos of the social media team, that's even better. Always sign any responses with a name. Talk to each person as an individual who is there to help, in the same way you would talk to them on the phone or face-to-face
  • Encourage interaction. Social media is a powerful marketing tool but only if used correctly. You shouldn't use your pages to continuously bombard people with "me, me, me - look at our new products". Ask your customers how they have found your services/products. You could even offer a prize for the best customer experience stories. This type of engagement gives feedback which could potentially be seen by hundreds of other customers and prospects
  • Use social media to find out what your customers really want. If you are thinking about developing a new product or service, ask your customers what they would like to see. You will have a wealth of suggestions within a day or so and your customers will appreciated being involved in the process
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