Top Tips for… Getting your staff to ‘buy in’ to your customer centric culture

Many businesses experience fast and messy growth, meaning that the customer centric ethos can get lost amongst all the activity.

Every member of your team needs to understand how, and why, they should offer excellent service to customers.

Here are our Top Tips for producing customer centric staff:

  • Show your customer centric culture. Tell your staff that you are striving to be the best in your marketplace when it comes to the customer experience. This isn't just for customer-facing staff, it's also for those who may be behind the scenes developing products or packing in the warehouse - every single person matters. Have a metric in place to measure your service levels and display the results every month to show your success
  • Offer incentives. If you are measuring your service, offer incentives for individuals or teams when they are successful. If an office receives positive feedback from a customer, let everyone know and give them a reward. Our clients regularly reward their staff when they receive great feedback, including letting everyone know through newsletters and intranet announcements
  • Allow staff to take ownership and fix problems. You could set a maximum cost they can spend a day, just on fixing customers' problems. It's important to give staff the power to resolve issues themselves, using their own judgement. By implementing this strategy you show staff that you trust them and this directly involves them in the customer centric culture
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