Top Tips for… Going the extra mile, without over delivering

Like most businesses, you want to offer your customers the best experience, but without unnecessarily over delivering and causing extra cost by using up resources.

By introducing some simple initiatives, you can be sure that the customer is not just satisfied, but they are also delighted with your service.

Here are our Top Tips for going the extra mile, without having to over deliver:

  • Manage your customers' expectations. For example, tell your customer that you will have their product/service delivered by Thursday, but make sure it is with them by the Tuesday. Always give yourself enough time impress
  • Increase communication. Never forget about your customer and keep them updated. Let them know what stage you are at with their order, or how everything is going with the service you are running for them. This takes a matter of minutes, but goes a long way to developing a real relationship with the customer
  • Be helpful. If you know that you customers can get confused, or have questions, at a particular stage of your buying process then make sure you can be helpful. One of our clients, Exodus, calls their customers a couple of weeks before the leave for their holiday to answer any questions they may have about itinerary. This makes a huge difference, showing that they care, and customers raved about it in their assessment survey responses
Investor in Customers runs tailored training programmes to help businesses manage their customer expectations. If you would like to find out more, or just want some advice, please get in touch.