Top Tips for… Introducing closed loop feedback

Closing the loop with your customers is essential after asking for their feedback.

Imagine going into a shop with a complaint:

"This TV I have bought from you is broken. In fact, it's the third time I've had a problem with your products in the past couple of years. I think you've really gone downhill."

The person behind the counter just walks away from you, not even acknowledging your comments. If you collect feedback, and then ignore the customer, this is what you are doing.

Businesses that do not close the loop are missing out on a huge opportunity to create more loyal, and more profitable, customers.

Here are our Top Tips for closing the loop with your customers:

  • Ask if you can get in touch. When collecting customer feedback, always ask if they are happy for you to get in touch to discuss their responses. This allows you to give the customer a call to address any issues directly
  • Never leave it more than 48 hours. If you have received some poor feedback, aim to get back to the customer within 48 hours. This shows their concerns are taken seriously and that you want to find out more in order to rectify the issue and improve going forward
  • Listen and delight. To fully close the loop, you have to listen the customer, apologise, and offer an effective solution that leaves them satisfied. In some cases, it might not be possible to give the solution that the customer needs; you can't reopen a local office, for example. However, try and offer the next best option. If a customer is struggling as their usual contact has now gone due to an office closure, give them a new contact that they can call with any queries. Even better, arrange for the new contact to call them - go the extra mile to delight the customer
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