Top Tips for… Marketing your exceptional service

It's one thing gathering customer feedback, but what do you do with all of the valuable material you have collected?

You will have a wealth of customer testimonials, as well as specific feedback on the quality of your products and services. Showing everyone the results of your customer research is a very powerful marketing tool; it looks good to prospects and also gives your team a boost.

Here are our Top Tips for marketing your exceptional service:

  • Make testimonials prominent on your website. It's surprising how many companies have testimonials, but hide them away. If you have them, make sure they stand out. If you can display them on the homepage, that's great. One of our clients, Robinwood, has literally hundreds of testimonials on their website.
  • Use testimonials in your offices, too. Marketing your success to staff is just as important, it shows them that their efforts are recognised. A great way of boosting your team is to produce some word clouds. We have created fantastic posters based on the response to this question - "What three words would you use to describe the company?" Word clouds are a powerful visual and they look great in reception, work spaces and board rooms
  • Display the award logo everywhere! You should show off your remarkable service everyday, not just once a year with a press release. With IIC, we give you a 12 month award logo licence which can be displayed on email signatures, your website, letterheads, marketing collateral and anything else you can think of. One of our clients, Mayflex, has the logo embroidered on their warehouse uniforms and they also have branded pens and mousemats in their offices
  • Write more than one press release. Don't limit yourself to trade magazines. Let your competitors, customers and locals know about your exceptional service. Local press releases based on office results are a great way to show recognition of your staff. You can find a great example from one of our clients, Jelf, below. They always release local PR for their most successful branches every year:
(This image is courtesy of Bath Chronicle)

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