Top Tips for… Capturing transactional feedback

Gathering customer feedback throughout the year is essential as it enables you to continually improve the customer experience.

One of the most effective ways to gather this feedback is on a transactional basis, by implementing a Net Promoter© programme or similar.

Here are our Top Tips for capturing transactional feedback:

  • Identify your key touch points. What are your main contact points with customers? This could be the initial sale, the renewal of a policy, or a quarterly review. Note these stages down so that you can follow up with customers and find out how they found this part of the process
  • Keep it short. You've probably been part of a company's Net Promoter© programme without even knowing it as they are kept short and simple. Your transactional survey shouldn't be an inconvenience to complete, so never ask more than two or three questions
  • Close the loop. This is where many businesses fail, which is a shame as it's where transactional research like Net Promoter© is so effective. When a customer gives a poor score, get in touch with them to find out why and aim to fix the problem. This not only improves the customer experience you offer, it also changes how this customer views your business. Closing the loop can convert a detractor to a promoter, meaning the customer will continue to buy from you, and may even go on to recommend your services
Investor in Customers is the only customer experience consultancy in the UK with two Net Promoter© certified associates. If you would like to find out more about implementing a Net Promoter© programme, or just want some advice, please get in touch..