Top Tips for… Empowering staff to drive change

If your customers are complaining about a certain area or experience in your business, we bet that your staff can tell you where it is.

Not only will they know what the problems are, but they will also have suggestions on how best to fix them. In fact, they have probably tried time and time again to tell their manager how to fix the issues, but they haven't got enough clout to enable any real change.

Feedback from the people who deliver your products and services is worth listening to and acting upon.

Here are our Top Tips for empowering staff to drive change:

  • Let staff know that they are being listened to. Tell them you want their advice on business improvements and that all suggestions are worth your time
  • Arrange a committee. Now that staff know they can voice their suggestions, set up a committee that meets once a month to bounce around ideas and experiences
  • Implement the changes. Sign off changes proposed by the committee and let everyone in the business know which changes have been made through their suggestions
  • Reward those responsible for the change. If someone suggested a change which has seen real results, reward them. Mention it in the public domain, perhaps through a newsletter, and say "thank you"!
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