Top Tips for… Making your customer experience personal

Making your customers feel cared for is important. Each one deserves to be treated as an individual, regardless of how much money they spend with you.

Here are our Top Tips to help you make your customer experience more personal:

  • Give your customers a contact card. When a customer buys a product or service from you, give them a contact card. This should include all of the relevant contacts they could need, their phone numbers and even a photo
  • Use their name. Simple, but effective. Take note of the customer's name and use it throughout a conversation, and definitely when you say goodbye
  • Always follow up. If a customer has recently bought a product, or made a complaint, give them a call and ask how it is going - a small touch to show you haven't forgotten about them
  • Respond to customer comments. This could be an email or a Facebook post, but whatever it is, always respond and respond like a person, not a robot. Acknowledge suggested product improvements, thank them for any praise, or promise to resolve any issues
We've been helping businesses improve their customer experience for over 7 years. If you'd like to find out more about how IIC could benefit your business, or just want some advice, please get in touch.