Top Tips for… Running your own Customer Focus Group

The first of IIC's Top Tips bulletins, sharing some advice on successfully running a Customer Focus Group.

Running a Focus Group is a quick and straightforward way of learning about your customers' needs and perspectives. By collecting their feedback, you can improve your products and services fast.

Here are our Top Tips for preparing and running your own Customer Focus Group:

  • Decide who your suitable participants are. You can always include a few potential or lapsed customers. Eight customers is the optimum number
  • Offer a tangible benefit for the delegates to ensure their full participation
  • Develop a simple agenda to give the Focus Group some structure
  • Make sure you have a colleague free to record the meeting, so the others can concentrate on participation
  • Afterwards, publish the results from the group showing the resulting actions to all of your customers, through a newsletter or another effective medium
We offer training to help businesses set up and successfully run their own Customer Focus Groups. If you'd like to find out more about our training courses, or just want some advice, please get in touch.