Do you enter Industry Awards?

We have been speaking to a number of our customers, who regularly enter Industry Awards. For them, going through the Investor in Customers (IIC) process gives them fantastic Management Information which then forms the basis of their entries.

From that MI they have won various accolades, not only in their own individual sectors, but in Customer Experience Awards.

Winning awards like this, together with working with IIC has helped their PR no end, enabling them to put, not only the fact that they are the 'x' award winners on their marketing, website and email signatures, but also the IIC logo proving that they do indeed 'Invest in their customers'. Issuing press releases locally, nationally and over social media also pays dividends too.

As one of our clients said: "When tendering for new business proving you are customer centric is essential. Having an external and independent verification through working with Investor in Customers is proof."

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