The Role of Digitalisation in Customer Experience - (CX)

Digital transformation has become an essential strategy in streamlining businesses to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. Thanks to Covid-19, the need for increased digitisation has accelerated, and companies are seeing the need for rapid implementation to provide an uninterrupted customer journey.

However, we must be mindful that technology is a means to the end of delivering a better experience, it will not replace people. Digital enhancements enable us to make our businesses better, whether it’s delivery, development or service, but they cannot understand the nuances of the customer or show empathy.

To gain the best results from the tech we choose, we must marry their purpose: the desired outcomes we want to achieve, with a sequence of actionable tasks to follow. 
For example, at Investor in Customers (IIC), a successful outcome for us is accurate data. We use data analytics to gain the in-depth business knowledge required to understand the current needs of our clients' customers. To anticipate their future desires and understand how to get there.

We take this information and use it as the foundation for developing a strategic action plan to make improvements in the areas which need focus. To build upon the elements which are working well and replicate them across other departments.

So while the role of digitisation is vital in the Customer Experience, we must be clear it’s only a tool to support a seamless customer journey, not the answer itself.

Tony Barritt is Managing Director of Investor in Customers (IIC), with over 14 years experience in transforming the CX for organisations.

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