Computer says no!

"Computer says no!" The epitome of poor customer service, this short comedy sketch became so popular due to it’s shared experience of the masses. 

The arrival of the desktop computer hailed a new concept when managing the service experience with data and details readily accessible at the touch of a button. However, instead of using technology to support the service offering, it has been used to replace it.

Unfortunately, this has led to millions of disillusioned customers and none more so than in the finance and banking sectors. People do not want to feel like a number, they want to feel valued. The problem is computers don’t have an empathy chip and customers want empathy. Even if you can’t help them or don’t have what they want, customers want you to understand their pain, to know that you have heard them. A computer cannot do this. The human connection needs to be an integral part of your service offering.

Why? Because people buy based on many factors but their emotions are an overriding one. If you can fill a need or desire that triggers an emotional response, then you will have increased customer loyalty and customers who stay with your business longer.

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