Our top tips for identifying hidden growth

Those who shout loudest get the most attention, and this is never more true than when it comes to your customers.

First, there’s the frequent buyer; wanting your undivided attention which you give them because they are loyal and generate profits for your business.

Second, comes the dissatisfied customer who continually complains and tells everyone who will listen how bad you are. They always get your attention because the more noise they make (and they usually do) the worse your figures and reputation become.

Lastly, sitting in the corner very quietly, are the silent majority - your passive customers. This group regularly goes unnoticed because they are a constant trickle but rarely flood the business with problems or profit. They sap your time for what initially appears to be a nominal return, but over the long-term, they can become your most loyal customers.

Our top 3 tips to convert them from passive to profitable.
1. Pay attention and be proactive; seek them out and ask questions.
2. Segment them and identify the differentials.
3. Look for patterns of behaviour.

At IIC, we’ve helped hundreds of companies identify and analyse their untapped customer potential. Ask us how.