Policies and procedures

This is to immediately reassure that you will be able to continue working with Investor in Customers (IIC) without interruption. Everyone at IIC is fine, no one is symptomatic or is known to have been in contact with anyone who is. However, if necessary all our team are able to work remotely from home with no interruption to their day-to-day activities or our ability as a business to provide support to you.

Whilst we are happy to still visit your office, please let us know if you would prefer any planned meetings to take place via Skype or another communication channel. The point of this notification is not to scare anyone or to stoke panic, I appreciate that this is a potentially frightening time for many, while others may think we are being alarmist. 

However, we thought it was important to make you aware of our policies and the steps we have taken to ensure it remains business as usual at IIC and that we are able to carry out all types of our assessments during this period of uncertainty.
Tony Barritt, Managing Director, IIC