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Working with IIC

At Investor in Customers (IIC), our approach is straightforward; we take direct, online feedback from customers, staff and senior management to help you identify your company's strengths and weaknesses. We will then work with you to improve on any aspects of your customer service that require it.

We assess how well businesses...

  • Understand their customers' needs
  • Deliver products and services that meet those needs
  • Deliver first class service
  • Create loyalty (in customers and staff)

The IIC assessment

Most of our clients begin their journey with us with our core proposition: the IIC assessment. We carry out an independent assessment of your business to establish the strength of your customer relationships and, once completed, you will be presented with a unique award for customer service excellence - provided you meet the minimum criteria.

Successful clients are able to use the IIC logo on all business communications to highlight their excellent customer service and make their business more appealing to customers.

The process takes just 6-8 weeks, with minimal business disruption.

Post assessment

Following an IIC assessment and accreditation, we present a detailed report highlighting strengths and weaknesses by way of a full feedback presentation to senior management. The report and presentation identifies the differing perceptions of each respondent group against 16 themes of customer centricity. Many companies choose to work on these suggested improvements in-house, using IIC to assist on either a retainer or project basis. Alternatively, IIC work with a number of specialist partners in Net Promoter®; Brand Development and Training that will share their extensive knowledge with you.

Alternative services

Although our core offering is the IIC assessment, we do offer alternative services which can be tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

Mini survey

A one-off online survey sent to selected customers or prospects, with the purpose of analysing their views on the current service provided. This survey would be designed to meet your business' specific needs, but typically would have no more than 16 questions. Limited segmentation can be included, and IIC will deliver a full feedback session, plus provide all results and comments.

Staff survey

The IIC assessment covers staff views on the customer experience their organisation provides. However, most companies also need to solicit staff views on their attitude to, and engagement with, their business. IIC has a comprehensive question bank that can be adapted to the needs of your organisation, with results segmented by department and/or office.

Face-to-face surveys

If you have a number of key customers and require an in-depth analysis of their views, we can visit them and conduct face-to-face interviews. This allows us to compile a comprehensive report on how they perceive your business, plus discover their suggestions as to how you can develop a sustainable relationship with them.
Where companies outsource services, IIC can also work with your partners to evaluate the strength of their relationship with you and your customers.

Net Promoter® programmes

Net Promoter® is a universal metric that gives you a way of classifying your customers as promoters, passives and detractors, identifying what makes customers loyal and what causes them to become dissatisfied. We have certified associates within the IIC team and our support partners who can work with you to set up and run an effective NPS® system, and to train your staff to conduct on-going research and analysis.

A typical programme would cover:
  • A 12-month programme providing regular feedback
  • Additional analysis on key business areas
  • Feedback on trends and root causes of customer behaviour
  • Training appropriate staff to conduct close loop feedback calls
  • Training appropriate staff to run future NP programmes
  • On-going support

Verifying your existing measurement

If you have an existing in-house customer experience measurement that needs an external and completely independent review, we can help. Using our own tested IIC methodology, we can critically analyse your measurement tools and provide assistance on improving them.


We work with a number of partners specialising in NPS® programmes; training; consultancy and brand development. If you are interested in partnering with us at Investor in Customers (IIC) please contact us.
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It's scientifically proven that no business can survive today unless it's giving the customer outstanding experiences – we help get you there!
Smile Customer Experience Ltd. will work with you using the powerful diagnostic from IIC to measure the experience of your customers & we don't stop there! Your staff will be surveyed too because happy staff equals happy customers!
Imagine the benefits to your business once you have such accurate data in your hands, your staff & managers will now be able to direct valuable resources time & energy in the appropriate areas. How helpful would it be to know exactly what you need to do to increase that all important customer loyalty & think about how your business will begin to distinguish itself from the competition when you are committed to giving your customers the experience they demand.
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