Is IIC suitable for our business?

Most IIC clients have a turnover in excess of £1.5million and have at least 20 members of staff. However, we have several smaller clients and we find that a willingness to find out how to improve customer experience is a common driver. We do however, tailor the assessment, to suit your needs.

How long does it take to complete the award process?

Typically, the award process takes six to eight weeks.

Week 1/3: Logistics

  • Confirm customer and staff samples
  • Data preparation
  • Agree the question sets
  • Loading the data files onto the system and customising the process
  • Communication to customers giving them advance warning

Week 4/5: Research campaign

  • The customer and staff research phase lasts for 2 weeks during which time we send out a couple of customer reminders, each one of which will prompt a further response.

Week 6/8: Analysis & feedback

  • We analyse the results, prepare the report, establish the award status and arrange for scrutiny/sign off.
  • Feedback the results to the client
  • Provide a summary the client can share with customers and staff
  • Supply IIC award pack

Has your methodology been tested by a third party?

Yes, in 2010 we commissioned a study by Dr Yvonne Hoeger from Exeter University and she verified the IIC process and outputs. If you'd like more information about this, please ask. We would also add that we adhere to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

How much work does it involve for our staff?

We need a dedicated project manager we can work with. Typically, they would spend two weeks elapsed time over the period. Employees need to spend approx. ten minutes completing the questionnaire.

Can I talk to any existing companies with the award?

Yes, we will supply details at the appropriate time.

Do we get an award trophy?

Yes, you'll receive a specially commissioned crystal trophy with your logo and star rating as well as a framed Certificate. You can order additional awards, plaques and certificates.

How long does the award last for?

Markets are fast moving, reflecting changing customer needs, the award is valid for 12 months.

How was the IIC model developed?

We started off in 2006 with a concept, articulated in three words, Investor in Customers. Research into best practice gave us a detailed analysis of expert thinking in the field. The IIC model was developed from this base. We keep an eye on the latest developments but subsequent refinements are based on our own practical experience of carrying out assessments for a large and growing number of IIC clients. The IIC model has been rigorously tested in a live environment – more than 50,000 questionnaire responses a year.

Can we take the opportunity to ask our customers a few questions of our own?

Yes, we are very happy to discuss additional questions when setting up your assessment with you.

Does IIC apply to consumer brands as well as B2B?

Yes. IIC is relevant to a wide range of businesses that need to engage with customers. Consumer and B2B brands make up 50% of our client base respectively.

How do we make the most out of winning the award?

We will provide help and advice to you (or your PR agents) to ensure you get the best coverage in your chosen media announcing your success in achieving an IIC award and what that means to your potential new customers.

Can we sign up for more than one year?

Yes, we're happy to agree three and five year deals. We're also happy to consider a 2nd year licensing arrangement in order to give time for improvement programmes to bed in.

What do your existing clients think about you?

We ran an IIC project on ourselves and our clients scored us 8.61 out of 10. This makes us a Gold standard business, which of course we are delighted about.